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You can also have guest writers to share their personal stories with people. You can post some interesting data or research results that people would be interested to see. Another type of textual content that allows you to publish your company news, announcements or any other kind of content. While at a recent conference, I heard the story of how a local sunflower butter (peanut butter alternative) company sent a pitch, recipes, supplies, and of course, the sunflower butter to influential food bloggers. It’s a great way to promote a product that you love or sell. That’s why we recently launched a new feature for our content marketing editorial calendar tool that helps marketers plan any type of content they could possibly want to publish. Recommended reading: How to Develop a Currency Converter App? Just as successes are fun for your audience to read, outlining techniques that don’t work well is also interesting—particularly when your product or service solves the challenges presented from the failed techniques. If you just published some awesome content on your blog, there’s a good chance other blogs in your industry will gladly accept and republish your content on their blogs, too. Farrah Fawcett by Matthew Rolston You can use a recording software and then just post the audio file for everyone to listen. You’ve seen these awesome headlines from folks like Neil Patel and Brian Dean: Tell your audience how either you or someone you know was successful using the tactics you recommend. If you are skilled at developing simple browser games that would attract people to your blog, this is something you could do. It’s common for the younger generation to show video game plays. Your email address will not be published. It is often best to utilize numerous forms of content and give your audience more than one way to obtain the knowledge. It’s mostly used for fun and shows an entertaining content. Find an industry you like, or you think would have a broad audience. You can research any topic you find interesting or have access to. Testimonials are very similar to case studies, except that a specific customer of yours tells the story directly from their perspective. At CoSchedule, we use Roost Web Push to reach our email haters. The disclaimer is usually a single page of textual content that explains copyright issues. People love to cut corners and do things the easy way. Quote famous people and share their thoughts with your audience. It can be a textual or multimedia content, and it will always be actual. This type of content usually attracts a younger audience. Posters/Desktop Backgrounds. People like to see memes, and they are among the most shared content on the internet. It’s a great way for people to share their knowledge and experience. Humor gets your point across in a memorable way. In most cases, this is textual content that provides instructions to its readers. Testimonials show what your clients tell (in their words) about your products or services. Vlogs are great ways to complement normal blog posts to reach your visual and auditory audience. This one can also be textual and multimedia content. The glossary is a textual content that attracts a vast audience. In this example, soil runoff was analyzed using a simulated rainfall study in order to determine the retention of a compound in moist soil. You can talk about any given topic and draw inspiration from your audience. Digital marketing trends for the hospitality industry in 2017, How to Identify, Optimize, and Upcycle Your Best Content | Connect.homes.com, Content Marketers: Stop Creating and Start Documenting - GetResponse Blog, Privacy Recommended reading: What is a Blog Meme? It’s always a good idea to have the schedule for your posts and make them consistent. If you have your eBook, you can record yourself reading chapter by chapter and share it on your blog. You can push a particular item such as free or gift offers from the particular brand that is related to your niche. A type of marketing content that allows you to share your news and projects with your customers. If you are a fan of printed media, you can scan some printed magazines and post them for your audience. Tools like Pressly and Uberflip are great ways to share awesome content with your audience that you may not have published yourself. This content can be textual and multimedia, depending on how you want to present it. Policy. When you read something amazing that your customers will love, share it with your audience. Turn a generally-accepted-as-true idea into a lie, and people will read. As an awesome Convince & Convert reader, when you sign up today for a special, extended-length, 30-day free trial, we’ll also hook you up with 21 of our most popular marketing planning guides to get you started! To guarantee fairness, you can allow visitors to vote for their favorite. You can create newsletters to inform your clients about your most recent updates. A recent illustrated post of ours even turned humorous by featuring a unicorn with the headline, “5 Unicorns Of Refreshingly Unique Marketing That Will Make You Stand Out.” Illustrations create visual interest in your content and make for some very shareable graphics. Just take screenshots of already created content and make your point. It can also be textual or multimedia content; all depends on how you want to present your data. Roundups: the content of choice for marketers who may not have a ton of time on their hands. If you want to write about something everyone is writing about, it’s not a bad idea to do it differently. Visitors could talk and have fun, share information and experiences. This type of content combines forums, up-vote communities, and FAQs into a social event where you help your audience ask questions which you then answer. Of course, be sure to backup your facts with relevant sources. Most newsletters work well through email, though now printed newsletters may be a way to stand out from the crowd, since only .5% of bloggers include printed newsletters in their content strategy. Soil moisture content plays a large roll in environmental concerns, especially when considering soil runoff that may contain fertilizers and pesticides. Inbound.org and GrowthHackers are terrific examples of up-vote communities dedicated to helping marketers share content and ideas while relying on social votes to filter out the best information. They are the most mobile guys. Yes, seriously. It’s not a bad idea to share your best practice experience with your audience. Sometimes you can create a content working together with other bloggers. It’s also a growing trend, and it can find its purpose in almost any industry. Texts work for some businesses to share content, while others may opt for mobile push notifications from tools like Pushbullet. Recommended reading: Here to Help: Creating a Custom Theme or Template for Your Team’s Forms. If you have a talent and can inspire people with your words, then you can post your inspirational messages. You can choose the content you like before publishing it to avoid any problems. It works extremely well when coupled with new signups (whether it’s email subscribers or customer conversions) to onboard them and keep them engaged. Checklists are a type of worksheet that helps your audience follow a step-by-step process to achieve a desired outcome. It doesn’t matter if you decide to create textual or multimedia content, it can work either way. This type of content predates digital era. You can place this content on your blog to show a countdown to New Year or a beginning of an important event. Calculators are useful content that can help your visitors figure many things. A must-read! Product reviews are very popular as they help audience decide on buying a special item. So how do you decide which type of content best fits you? Similar to research, this is when you heavily research a topic with existing studies and present the findings to your audience. You can choose to make this textual or multimedia content, depending on your personal preferences. He performed sacrifices, made liberal gifts, was peaceful, devoted to the duties of his own order, and pure in habits and mind. The quiz is a fun content to create, and it can attract a massive audience. They are prone to unending injuries as they end up getting beaten. Emails work well to share content in a tool many people use frequently, even multiple times a day. You can do it using solid facts or be controversial – which is always more fun. Wikis serve as great knowledge sources and take some of the work of content creation off your shoulders, while making you more of an editor responsible for ensuring content quality and accuracy. If you have to release a new product shortly, it would be a smart move to announce it. Every post seems like a story on their blog that helps you understand how they’re reaching their goals all while drawing you in to become a customer. Vlog posts, then, are the same, yet dedicated to using video instead of the written word. If you are creative and want to make people laugh, then this is the perfect content for your blog. So he gets to become a thought leader while also showing his humanity—creating a personal and somewhat humorous connection with his readers—all at once.

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